Program objectives and goals

The participants will learn to obtain insole foorwear (from physical shoe last, physical sole and/or digital shoe last), create technical plans, 3D models and generate the geometries/references necessary for the manufacture of the model in 3D Printing and/or use of CNC's/Routers. Much of Rhinoceros functionality will be covered, including advanced surface commands.

Start from the basics

The only requirement to take this course is to have Rhinoceros installed (at least version 5, better 6 or 7). We take care of the concepts and bases to guide you during the course.

This course will be available until May 26th while we translate it to English

more info [email protected]

Some examples

We have a bunch of pre-recorded videos to be available for you in the process of 3d modeling concept developing starting from sketching, until the model is ready for manufacture.

Models scaling

We will learn to scale model size from MEX size, IN, FRA, among others